Rutland App administrator appeals for return of dearly loved young cat


My dear little female cat adopted from the RSPCA at 3 months old, went missing from Belton in Rutland end September last year at 9 months old.  The year has been one of printing and distributing posters, flyers directly into letterboxes and endless trawls of the internet cat sites.  Lost cats, found cats, deceased cats.  Did you know that RCC scan every domestic pet found on the roads or verges and was one of the first councils to do so?  But she hasn’t been found and she is microchipped so it is possible someone is feeding her and hasn’t checked for a chip.  That someone perhaps never uses social media so could I ask you all, please just to check with your neighbours, family and friends in case she has been living in their garden or outbuilding ir perhaps they have seen her.  She has a centre black pad on a rear paw surrounded by little pink ones.  She’s very vocal and very loving and very much missed.  It has been heartbreaking.

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