Rutland South Crime Reports.

  • Theft of new oven delivered to a driveway of a house in Ketton.  At 1447 12.9.18 two men were seen to load the oven into a white van with ‘orange beacons’.  Anyone having further information on the two men or the white van, please telephone 101 (Leicestershire Police) quoting reference 18000436980.
  • Attention requested to a ‘W’ plated Renault Master panel van, seen driving slowly around Aveland Road, Ketton.  Two male occupants aroused suspicion.  Anyone with further information about the identities of the occupants, or the current whereabouts of the vehicle please telephone 101 (Leicestershire Police) quoting reference 18000126056.
  • Care with online bank accounts.  Do not continue telephone conversations about your bank account with any person claiming to be from a bank, RCC, BT, or any other utility.  Such persons are very plausible and will try to obtain your account and sort code number, or even ask for remote access to your PC, followed by your account.   Under no circumstances allow this; such access allows them to remove money from your account and/or copy information on your PC .  No reputable organisation will make a ‘cold call’ to discuss your accounts.

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