Rutland South Crime Update from Peter Ike

Torrevieja Rutland South Crime report for March 2022  

Ruteng Current local priorities: 

Rutland South (NR37)

Nuisance Motorbikes

Road Safety Issues

Rural Crime/farming equipment

Operation ENFORCE– has been created to reduce speeding and road safety issues including nuisance motorbikes, especially at weekends.


We continue to conduct speed monitoring and enforcement utilising the SL700 laser speed meter on the beat.


Crimes of note:

2nd – South Luffenham – Van was broken into with tools stolen

20th + 21st Morcot 2 x bilking (not paying for fuel)

23rd – 5th  – Glaston – Theft of caravan

7th – Bisbrooke – Attempt theft of a van

20th – Protest at Lyndon Top re Rabbit farm

28th – Wardley – Sheep worrying (dealt with)

We have had 1 theft from a motor vehicle this month, 1 theft of a caravan and 1 attempt theft of a van so please continue to look at your security and remove all property – remember ’if you leave it on show it will go’. Look to park your vehicle in a well-lit area, and look to manoeuvre your van to make it difficult to open any side or rear doors. Please remember that when you park up the perpetrators could be watching you, so remove your valuables out of site prior to arrival. If you have keyless entry car keys please use Faraday key pouches (you can make your own) which stop the keys from transmitting their signal and prevents thieves from cloning this signal and entering and stealing your property and /or car.

We have had no house burglaries in the south this month. We like to remind you that the usual MO for burglary dwelling is entry via forcing rear garden doors or windows as these areas are isolated and out of sight. Please make sure all doors are locked whether you’re in or not, windows are locked and secure and look at your security measures on any lockups, garages, sheds or outbuilding. If you can make it difficult for anyone to get into the rear garden even better as this is the preferred point of entry for burglars. Preferred items for them to steal is Jewellery and cash so please keep these safe.

We will continue to work closely with the local residents and will alert you as soon as a crime is reported and ask that if anything suspicious is seen to report it through either 999 or 101 or use the reporting tool on the App or go straight to Report | Leicestershire Police (

As part of our ongoing drive to reduce demand did you know that you can report a “NON EMERGENCY” crime and find lots of useful information on our new improved web site.

Parish Meeting: If any parishes would like the beat team to join them please let me know (subject to being on duty).

Our next beat surgery. We will be at Ketton Sports club, Pitt Lane between 10 am-11.30 pm on Thursday 21st April for a chat and to discuss any concerns you may have.

We are promoting neighbour Link and would like you or anyone you know to sign up for it.

Neighbourhood Link is a free email messaging service from Leicestershire Police, Neighbourhood Watch and other partner organisations, providing news and updates on policing matters that are relevant to you.

Sign up and receive email alerts about policing activity and initiatives in your local area as well as crime prevention advice and information. You will also have the opportunity to reply directly to your neighbourhood team and provide feedback via surveyswhere the information you provide is used to set our priorities for the forthcoming month.

 If you see a crime taking place or something suspicious please call 999 noting as much detail as possible including time, location, descriptions, direction of travel from the scene, make and model of any vehicles and if possible any registrations. For any non-emergency incidents or to pass any intelligence call, 101 (call costs 15p for the entire call) or you can email your local Police officer Pc 2113, Pete Icke, on

Please also visit the force website for more information on what’s going on in your area, what our present problem-solving plans are and when we are holding our next beat surgery. From this site you can also fill in a consultation form for any issues you would like to share or leave a message for your local Neighbourhood policing team.

Pete ICKE  PC 2113
Dedicated Neighbourhood Officer

Rutland South NR37
Leicestershire Police

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