Scam email doing the rounds

It has come to the attention of our Front Enquiry Office staff at Melton Mowbray Police station from two separate members of the public this morning, reporting a scam email that is circulating.

The scam email states that it is from, “HM Courts and Tribunals”. The scam email states that the receiver has an outstanding parking fine to pay and to click on a link within the email. PLEASE DO NOT CLICK ON THIS LINK. The email also states that their 0345 phone number is not working.

Please be very wary when receiving unexpected emails, always verify the details prior to taking any action and don’t use any contact details or web links in the email you’ve received.

We recommend opening a new internet browser window, going to the official authorised website and contacting the legitimate agency that has contacted you via telephone or email, to verify the contents of the email you have received first prior to taking any action.

Please report any fraud and cyber crime to Action Fraud via their website,

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