Scammers reveal how they trick victims into sharing their bank account details using App that makes it look like the bank calling

Scammers reveal how it takes just 82 SECONDS to trick a victim into sharing their account number – using an app that makes it look like a genuine call from the bank

  • Man dubbed Britain’s Greatest Fraudster reveals how scammers can trick victims into sharing their bank details in less than two minutes
  • They use a free-to-download app that allows them to change the number recipients see on their phones
  • SpoofCard also lets the user change the background noise 
  • Tony Sales said he would use it to make it seem like he worked for a bank
  • If the victim trusted him they would easily hand over their personal details in just 82 seconds
  • App is legal to use in the US – but it is illegal to use in the UK 

Some of Britain’s biggest fraudsters have revealed how it takes less than two minutes to scam victims into sharing their bank account details over the phone – using an app that’s illegal to use in the UK.

In Channel 5 series Undercover: Nailing The Fraudsters, Tony Sales, who has been dubbed ‘Britain’s greatest fraudster’, reveals how the the app – called SpoofCard – allows criminals to change the number that appears on a victim’s phone.

He said it can be used to display a bank’s contact number, with scammers then able to con victims into sharing their personal details and gain access to their bank accounts, stealing sometimes thousands of pounds. The process can take as little as 82 seconds, he admits.

SpoofCard – which is free to download but requires users to buy credits – also provides artificial background noises to disguise a fraudster’s location, so they can trick victims into believing they are in a busy office.


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