Support for LGBTQ+ young people

Support for LGBTQ+ young people

Toba Tek Singh Some of you may find yourself living in spaces where those are around you are not accepting of your LGBT+ identity or you are unable to be out. This can feel incredibly challenging and unsettling. Some of you may have had to move back home from university, some of you will not be in school which may have been your escape and some of you will not be out and just beginning to explore who you are, but not feeling sure where to turn. This is, of course, going to add to the anxiety and isolation that you may already be experiencing. During this time, it is vital that you keep connected to those who acknowledge, respect and listen to you.

Local and National support services

Shelby The Proud Trust The Kite Trust

Allsorts Youth Project


Mosaic LGBT Youth Centre – Connect with others in virtual youth centre, take part in workshops and games

Off the Record, BaNES – Online safe space

LGBT+ Service Nottinghamshire– Support and Information

Free2B Alliance – 1 on 1 and group support services

Leicester LGBT Centre – Support and Information

Galop – Hate crime and abuse support

Gendered Intelligence – Support for Trans youth


Kooth is a digital mental health support service. It gives young people access to an online community and a team of experienced counsellors.

With local Pride Events unable to happen this summer due to lockdown, restrictions on gatherings and social distancing, Kooth is inviting LGBT+ Youth to celebrate Pride Month 2020 online and also get support from their online mental health wellbeing community.

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