The wall is where you can post alerts to your neighbours or generally

The Wall was created for the use of the Rutland App users.  You will have to register with your email – click the settings wheel on the front screen, or you can register using your facebook or twitter account.  The purpose of registration is for your safety and in no way contravenes your email, we will never contact you, nor your facebook or twitter account which will remain entirely private to you.

Once registered you can respond to the posts of others or create your own post.  If you think the police would need to know about it as well as posting it on the Wall for your neighbours, click on reporting crime and make your selection for a police report

Fish sellers, gravel sellers, sellers with something left over from another job, if the seller is unknown to you and unsolicited the chances are they are checking out your property and you can advise your neighbours if they are in your village or town.

Unknown vehicles, particularly vans which are parked up for no apparent reason and you have seen them parked up before may be worth alerting your neighbours too.  In fact, may be worth reporting to the police.

So do please register and use the Wall if you wish to.


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