There’s no such thing as a ‘safe account’

Scam Alert – There Is No Such Thing As A Safe Account

We continue to see a rise in reports of people being asked to transfer their money to a “safe account”. We wanted to remind you of how this scam works and how to keep yourself safe:

– You will be cold called from somebody purporting to be from your bank, usually asking you if you’ve made a large payment to a store in London for example, and when you say you haven’t, they proceed to inform you your account has been compromised.

– In order to safeguard your funds, they will ask you to send it to a “safe account” or your “new account”, and either provide you with the sort code and account number of the account you need to send the money to, or ask for access to your online banking so that they can do it on your behalf.

– If you get suspicious at any point during the call, they may tell you to look at the number they are calling from and check if it corresponds with the official bank number on the back of your card. NUMBERS CAN AND ARE SPOOFED! Spoofing software can be freely obtained online and can make any number appear on your caller display. Whilst it looks like your bank calling, the software is masking the fraudsters true phone number. Please be mindful of this.

So how can you keep yourself safe?

– Simply, please do not conduct any financial business with your bank over the phone if you can help it. The safest way to speak to your bank if you are concerned is to go into branch.

– Never part with money as a result of a cold call. Fraudsters use tactics to make you panic and therefore stop you from thinking rationally. Take a deep breath, stay in control and hang up.

– Don’t assume a phone call is authentic because it’s coming from a number you recognise. Spoofing software is easily obtained and can disguise any number to make it look official.

– A safe account does not exist! Your bank will never ask you to move money anywhere to keep it safe.

– Report any fraud or attempted fraud to Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 or online at

Sadly, there are a number of victims in Leicestershire who have lost thousands as a result of this scam. Please stay vigilant and please share this information with older or more vulnerable members of your family and community. For further advice on how to protect yourself against fraud, visit the Take Five website

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Rachael Gill (Police,Fraud Vulnerability Officer,FHQ)
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