Trading Standards report on Rogue Traders

Trading Standards Advice On Rogue Traders

Dear Members

Now that winter has arrived, Trading Standards would like to remind residents of some of the steps they can take if approached on the doorstep by traders offering home repairs as well as being clear about their legal rights.
• If in doubt, don’t open the door. Ask a family member or friend to make some enquiries about the business on your behalf.
• Be wary of those who cold-call at your door – they could be a rogue trader. Never forget that you can close the door and end any conversation you are uncomfortable with
• Get as much information about the business as you can before you make a decision to have work carried out. Don’t be rushed into agreeing to any work. Obtain quotes from elsewhere if you think work is required on your home before making a decision.
• Remember that consumers have a 14 days cooling off period to cancel contracts made in their homes. If the business won’t give information about these rights they may be a rogue trader.
• If you decide to have work carried out never pay cash up front and never let the trader take you to the bank to withdraw any money.
• If you suspect a rogue trader calling at your door dial 101. In an emergency call 999. You can also report Rogue doorstep callers please to Trading Standards on 03454 040506

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