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3 trailers are due this week 🙏
Hi everyone sorry has been a bit quiet but been playing catch up with everything. As I am sure you will have all seen on the national media humanitarian aid is still a major priority. We have sent lorries out with critical supplies but we need to keep supporting the Ukrainian people. I know we are facing difficult times financially at home but just one pack of wipes, nappies or sanitary items can make a huge difference. If you can’t donate please share this information. Be it on here or other social media. Ukraine desperately needs your help. Unfortunately, I have been blocked from a certain local FB page as I was ‘spamming’ the page. It was admittedly my mistake (only one post per day) but it was a good cause and no malice intended but they won’t reinstate me. So if you can share this info would be much appreciated.
I have also added shoebox information.
All boxes must be itemised and listed inside of the box and outside of the box. Boxes sealed.I do have boxes available.
✅ List
Clothes – clean and in good condition. These are being held here as a shop in Peterborough is being opened for refugees to obtain items when they arrive here.
* Normal and thermal blankets
* Sleeping bags
* Mattress pads for sleeping made of waterproof aluminium foil
* Mattresses / Camper Beds
* Raincoats
* Bath / shower / soap
* Deodorants
* Toothpaste
* Toothbrushes
* Combs
* Women’s, men’s and children’s underwear
* Sanitary pads
* Nappies – all sizes
* Adult diapers
* Toilet paper and paper towels
* Towels (including microfiber)
* Trash bags
* Disinfectants / disinfectant alcohol
* Filtering or disposable masks
* Water
* Food for quick preparation (instant)
* Baby food/formula
* Bars (including energy bars)
* Delicacies, nuts
* Canned food
* Pasta, cereal for quick preparation
* Disposable or reusable kitchen tools: deep plate, spoon, fork, knife, glass (food-grade silicone or plastic)
There will be a base camp created now at the old Tesco store in Przemysł, we are in direct contact with people in Ukraine Border.
Thank you

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