Warning re catalytic converter thefts and crime prevention advice

Warning re Catalytic Converter Thefts
We have received a number of reports of catalytic converter thefts around the county relating to vehicles parked on the road, driveways and in the past car parks.
Please be vigilant and if you see anyone acting suspiciously around or under a vehicle please call the police. Offenders can take only a short amount of time to take the catalytic converter but can cause damage and considerable cost to the vehicle.
If it is safe for you to do so please take any pictures and details of the people and any related vehicles.
Crime Prevention Advice
The simplest way to prevent catalytic converter theft is to put your vehicle in a garage or secured area if you have one. Alarms, lighting and CCTV can also help to deter thieves.
Other ways to protect your vehicle include:
• Buying and fitting a protection device specifically to cover the catalytic converter
• Installing motion-activated lighting if you park your vehicle on a driveway, but if this isn’t possible, park it in a well-lit, busy area
• Using your vehicle’s alarm or installing a Thatcham approved alarm, which should activate if the vehicle is tilted or lifted
• Ensuring your dashcam is set to detect movement
• Looking out for anyone ‘working’ or acting suspiciously under vehicles (particularly in busy car parks)
• In addition, if you are going to be visiting somewhere for a long period of time (e.g. a supermarket), we would advise you to park so it is difficult for thieves to lift your vehicle.
• Avoid parking your vehicle half on the pavement and half on the road, as this may make it easier for thieves to access the catalytic converter
• If parking in a public car park, consider parking alongside other cars and facing you bonnet towards the wall if possible. With the catalytic converter positioned at the front of your vehicle, this will make it harder for thieves to get close enough to steal it
Marking kits can also be purchased, including through Neighbourhood Watch; marking can assist police investigations as converters can be tracked back to the vehicle they came from if located.

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