We need your help

We need your help

Church metal thefts We need your help!

Over the past month, we have seen an increase in rural churches being targeted whereby their lead roofs have been stripped and stolen.

Specifically, we have seen offences across the East and South Leicestershire area.

Leicestershire Police are focusing efforts in order to try and identify those that are committing these offences, but they need your help in doing so.

We need to ask our local communities to be vigilant towards suspicious behaviour in and around Churches.

When carrying out these crimes; thieves will often have one or more vehicles with them as a way of transporting it away from the scene. Crimes have even occurred in broad daylight with those responsible giving the outward appearance of being on church premises for a legitimate reason.

If you see persons or vehicles acting suspiciously please call 101 and report it to the Police so that we can record and act on the information.

We are particularly interested in:

Makes and models of vehicles
Vehicle registration numbers
Numbers of people
Physical descriptions of those people acting suspiciously
Any noticeable accents from those acting suspiciously.
Direction of travel

If you witness the lead being stolen, then you must ring 999 so that we can respond as quickly as possible.

Please be our eyes and ears in your community so that we can bring this atrocious crime to a stop.

Should you wish to speak to your local officers about this, then you can find their details here:


For more information on preventing church metal theft, please see here:



Thank you once again for your help

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