What Three Words Navigation App to find anyone anywhere in the world and for faster emergency response

Here;s the link for the App https://what3words.com/news/emergency/three-words-for-a-faster-emergency-response/?fbclid=IwAR0-GpBET_mpKC-Fm-3OI4nppOj5eIkH8RhlB1WhSFbBdITWUEjRqdHso7Y


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To find you more easily in an emergency, many UK Emergency Services are encouraging you to share your 3-word address.

How do I use what3words in an emergency?

  1. Find the 3-word address for your current location on the free what3words app for iOS and Android. It works offline – ideal for areas with unreliable data connection.
  2. Share your 3-word address over the phone to the call handler.
  3. The emergency service can then coordinate a response directly to the exact location where help is needed.



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