What’s App scam


Kushtia WhatsApp Friends and Family ‘Crisis’ Phishing Emails and Texts. We are repeating this advice as people are still being caught out. Please share this information with those who might not be signed up to Nextdoor.

http://buckymoonshine.com/?et_core_page_resource=et-core-unified-75-cached-inline-styles75 Messages are sent purporting to be from a relative or friend from an unknown number. They claim their phone has been damaged, lost or stolen which is why they are using a different number. In some cases, correct names are being given, but this may be luck rather than them knowing the name of your relative or friend. The messages request to borrow money or pay for something, stating that the alleged change in phone number means they temporarily can’t access their usual online banking. They will also give some sort of excuse as to why the money can’t be paid into their own account, so will give the bank details of someone else.

Our tips to stay safe:

👉 ALWAYS verify requests in person or verbally to ensure you are speaking to the person that you think you are

👉 If you receive a message like this, try contacting your friend or relative by calling the number you already have and not the ‘new’ one on WhatsApp

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