Minutes of EGM 19 Aug 2021 (virtual)

http://livelifepursuehappy.com/youtube.com/embed/RWf1rC6Ras0 Rutland NHW Association

buy provigil online with prescription Minutes of Extraordinary General Meeting (Virtual)

Hongch’ŏn Wednesday 19th August 2020 at 7.30 pm


Ruthven Horne (Glaston), Adrian Gombault (Belmesthorpe), David Wheeler (Great Casterton), Jane Robins (Market Overton), Roy Hosmer (Langham), Dave Ainslie (Uppingham), Ron Simpson (The Beeches, Uppingham)

Apologies: Janet Thompson (Uppingham), Dr Sheila Halliday-Pegg


This meeting was called for the specific purpose of tabling and voting on a proposal which was put to the Association's AGM in July 2019. The proposal was unanimously accepted by those present at the meeting, but was unable to be actioned as the numbers present were insufficient to constitute a quorum, as defined by the Company's Articles of Association.
Under the latter's terms, the Directors were entitled to call an EGM at seven days' notice, at which such an item, and only that item, might be tabled and voted upon, the quorum required to render the voting valid being merely the number of members present at the meeting.
Notice of the EGM was given in July and a preliminary meeting (virtual) was successfully held on Wednesday 12th August to test out the technical aspects of the virtual medium.


To convert Rutland Neighbourhood Watch Association from its current legal status as a Company Limited by Guarantee to a Charitable Incorporated Organisation.
Specifically, to carry out the following actions:
· Complete the transfer procedure under Charity Commission rules
· Close down the Limited Company by having it removed from the Companies Register
· Close the existing bank account and transfer the assets to a new charity bank account
· Appoint the current company Board members to be Trustees of the new Charitable Incorporated Association
There was a short discussion, in which members were reassured that the apparent demise of the LLR NNW group should not affect the standing of Rutland NNW Association, which will go forward as an independent unit with its own finances, responsible only to the National NHW Association, through whom it will continue to obtain liability insurance cover.

Any request to rejoin any newly reconstituted LLR body would need to be discussed and voted on by a full meeting of the new CIO.

The proposal was then put to the vote and was carried unanimously. The necessary actions will now be carried out.

There followed a brief informal discussion about future funding.

The meeting closed at 8.20 pm.

Adrian Gombault, Ruthven Horne, David Wheeler
Directors, Rutland Neighbourhood Watch Association