Minutes of EGM 23 Nov 2021

unpreparedly Rutland Neighbourhood Watch Association

Taldyqorghan Minutes of Extraordinary General Meeting

useful site Held virtually at 7.30 pm on 23rd November 2021



The EGM was held, as promised, to formally resolve to terminate the Association, as agreed at the two Summit meetings held in September.


Adrian Gombault (Chair), Ruthven Home (Trustee, Glaston), David Wheeler (Trustee), Berni Saunders (Data Manager), Ron Simpson (Uppingham), Susan Awcock (Morcott), Sheila Halliday-Pegg (Ryhall), Mark Bush (Great Casterton), David Hodson (Greetham), Ken Siddle (Wing).

Apologies:  Barbara Gregory (Seaton), Roy Hosmer (Langham), Hu Illingworth (Uppingham), William Cross (Whissendine), Jane Robbins (Market Overton), Margaret Lishman (Uppingham), Peter Dobbie (Barrowden),

NB  Minutes of September Summit plus briefing notes for same issued to all invitees in advance of meeting, together with a list of the proposals for the meeting to consider.  The latter are attached as an Appendix to these minutes.

  1. AG welcomed members and explained  the sole aim of the meeting, which was to vote on the proposals submitted by the Trustees for the termination of the Association and associated actions.
  2. AG read out the three proposals and it was agreed that they be voted on en bloc.
  3. A brief discussion was held regarding the mechanics of the termination. The following points emerged:


3.1  Finance:  DW gave a brief summary of the Association’s financial position.  The current balance of £3,748 was slightly less than the amount of £3,930 received from the Co-op as a result of the recent promotion. After the deduction of the App hosting fee and bank charges for December, the outstanding balance therefore should rightfully be wholly returned to the Co-op.  It was possible that they might agree to pass some or all of these funds to Rutland County Council, should the Crime and Safety Partnership agree to take over the running of the App, as was hoped.


3.2  Data:  all data and paperwork relating to the Association’s activities would be retained securely until such time as GDPR regulations required them to be destroyed. Alternatively, some parts could, if appropriate, be handed on to Rutland County Council, should the Crime and Safety Partnership opt to take responsibility for coordinating NHW activity in the county. However, no material relating to individual NHW groups would be passed on to any third party without the express consent of the individual NHW group concerned.  This would particularly apply to contact details of individual NHW coordinators.

  1. A vote was then taken, and it was unanimously agreed in favour of the three proposals.
  2. AG expressed thanks to all those who have been members of the Association and in particular those who had given their time and energies to working on the Association’s behalf.The special contributions over the years of a number of individuals were recognised, foremost amongst whom were past Chairman Ruthven Horne and founding Secretary Ron Simpson. The special contributions of Bernie Simcock (Data Manager), David Wheeler (Finance) and Jan Warren (smartphone App) were also highlighted, as was the long service of former Board members  Alan Moutrey (founding Chairman), Alastair McCrindle (founding Treasurer) and Dick Goodey.

AG expressed his intention to write a final letter to  members when all outstanding matters had been settled and all necessary parties contacted. He closed by encouraging  members to stay active, to maintain liaison with neighbouring watches and to seek to engage Parish Councils in the role of crime prevention and in particular the circulating of relevant information amongst their residents.

Thanks and appreciation were expressed to AG in turn by Ken Siddle and Russ Horne.


The meeting closed at 8.05 pm







EGM Resolutions


  1. To formally dissolve Rutland NHW Association: specifically, to terminate its CIO status on 31st December or as soon as possible thereafter;


  1. To liquidate the Association’s assets, repay outstanding Debtors and disburse any remaining funds as follows:


(a)  to offer to return any unused funds donated for specific unrealised objectives, either in full or pro-rata, to their original donors:


(b)  to donate any remaining funds, should there be any, to a single or multiple charities of the Trustees’ choice;


(c)  to close the Association’s bank account.


  1. To accept the resignation of the three Trustees, namely Adrian Gombault (Chairman), Ruthven Horne and David Wheeler (Finance), as follows:


(a)  in the case of Ruthven Horne, on 31st December 2021;


(b)  in the case of Adrian Gombault and David Wheeler, at the first appropriate opportunity in 2022, to coincide with  the dissolution of the Association and the closure of the Association’s bank account and disbursement of any remaining funds.




AG/ 23 November 2021