Minutes of RNHW – AGM 2/6/21

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Port Harcourt Annual General Meeting (Virtual)

http://netgents.com/wp-content/themes/dp_evolve/js/back-end/libraries/fileuploader/upload_handler.php Wednesday  2nd June 2021:  7.30 pm start

Special Guests:

http://demo2.goodvibeswebsitedesign.co.uk/tag/art/ Rupert Davies, Police & Crime Commissioner

Inspector Audrey Danvers, Leicestershire Police

Attendance:  Adrian Gombault (Acting Chairman, Belmesthorpe), Ruthven Horne (Trustee, Glaston), David Wheeler (Trustee), Susan Awcock (Morcott), Margaret Bennett (Caldecott), Sheila Halliday-Pegg (Ryhall), Margaret Lishman (Uppingham), Jane Robins (Market Overton), Adele Stainsby (Essendine), Mark Bush (Great Casterton), Chris Collins (Bisbrooke), Phill Davis, Roy Hosmer (Langham), Hu Illingworth (Uppingham), Bernie Simcock, Ron Simpson (Uppingham).

  1. Welcome.The Chairman welcomed all attendees and guests and explained necessary Zoom protocol
  2. Change of status to Charitable Incorporated Organisation.David Wheeler, Trustee and Finance Director, announced the organisation’s new legal status, and explained the process involved in effecting the transition from Limited Company and the benefits arising from it.
  3. Police & Crime Commissioner,Mr Rupert Davies.  Mr Davies outlined the main thrust of his strategic plan, as it would affect Rutland. He recognised the distinct policing needs of the rural community and would instigate a separate strategy for policing them. Increased funding meant additional numbers of officers could be deployed in the county, without taking them from Leicester city. The importance of a physical police desk in Oakham was recognised , as was the NHW presence in the county.  Mr Davies promised to consult NHW members in the weeks and months to come, and would hold at least one public meeting in the county in the coming year.

Mr Davies took questions from the floor from three members.  He agreed on the need for greater police presence on the ground in Rutland and also that Coronavirus considerations had placed a regrettable constraint on the recent PCC election.  Vacant facilities in Uppingham were suggested as a possible alternative to Oakham for a police desk in the county.

  1. Inspector Audrey Danvers. The Inspector of Police for the new NPA (Neighbourhood Policing Area) of Melton and Rutland brought a presentation on her approach to policing in Rutland under the new structure. Unfortunately, difficulties with her Powerpoint slides and in particular her audio facility meant the session had to be abandoned. It is hoped to restage the presentation at a future time, once the difficulties experienced have been overcome.
  2. RNHW App and Website update.Ruthven Horne outlined the history of the Rutland NHW smartphone app and its present situation. He pointed out the pressing need for fresh volunteer assistance, given his intention to retire from his responsibilities as information compiler for the app at the end of the year.
  3. Membership Audit:report of findings.  Adrian Gombault presented the findings of the Audit of members, conducted by himself over the last quarter of 2020 and the first quarter of 2021. The situation appears quite promising, with 30 or so active NHWs across the County, the large majority of which are registered with both national and Rutland NHW Association and are making use of the smartphone app, though not all as frequently as might be hoped. Every coordinator is passing on the crime information they receive from the app and other sources, most prominent among which is the Police’s own Neighbourhood Link and their local Beat Officer.  Methods used to pass on information vary, however, and, whilst a majority are using emails and/or social media, a significant number have yet to realise the benefits which these instantaneous and blanket media present, preferring instead to use more passive and time-lagged media, such as magazines, notice-boards and websites.

Around this point, a number of members left the meeting for individual reasons.

  1. AGM

Attendance:  Adrian Gombault (Acting Chairman, Trustee), Ruthven Horne (Trustee), David Wheeler (Trustee), Sheila Halliday-Pegg (Ryhall), Adele Stainsby (Essendine),  Roy Hosmer (Langham), Hu Illingworth (Uppingham), Bernie Simcock, Ron Simpson (Uppingham).

Repeat of AG Director’s report only (17 June): Adrian Gombault (Acting Chairman, Trustee), Ruthven Horne (Trustee), Sue Awcock (Morcott), Jane Robins (Market Overton), Toby Crewe (Whissendine), Brian Hester (Barleythorpe), David Hodson (Greetham).

7.1  Apologies.  Received in advance from Barbara Gregory (Seaton), Paul Beque (Stockerston), Peter Biggs (Wing), William Cross (Whissendine), Peter Dobbie (Edith Weston), Ian Dobson (Little Casterton), Gene Dunbar (Bisbrooke), David Hodson (Greetham), Brian Maunders (Whissendine), Walter Milsom (Whissendine), Tom Murie (Tixover), Peter Voller (Barrowden & Wakerley), David Webb (Uppingham).

7.2  Minutes of 2019 AGM.  Approved unanimously as an accurate record of the meeting.  Proposed by Roy Hosmer (Langham); seconded by Sheila Halliday-Pegg (Ryhall).

7.3  Directors’ Reports

David Wheeler presented the Accounts for 2020-21.  The Association’s financial position is much healthier than in recent years, thanks predominantly to our participation in the Uppingham Coop promotion, whereby Rutland NHW is one of their three chosen charities for the calendar year.  Rutland County Council’s Crime & Safety Partnership has continued to fund the maintenance of the smartphone app and we received donations from a small number of Parish Councils.  Costs will be slightly reduced as a result of the transition to CIO status (see above).

Adrian Gombault presented the Overall Report for the period 2020-2021. He outlined the many challenges faced by the Association during this period, but was pleased to report a string of successes achieved by the Board of Directors. Ruthven Horne, who has been Chairman for three years and is to retire as a Director and Trustee at the year’s end, had worked particularly hard on the Association’s behalf, and thanks were expressed for his tireless and devoted service.

Mr Gombault perceived the current period to be a watershed moment for the Association.  Whilst its situation was more favourable than for several years and it enjoyed a number of strengths, nevertheless the weaknesses that it continued to suffer from constituted a serious threat to its future in its present form, and these weaknesses needed to be overcome for Rutland to continue to have the standard of NHW representation that the county had come to expect and which it certainly deserved.

Foremost amongst these weaknesses was a lack of volunteer assistance at operational level, and several positions needed to be filled within the next few months, including 1-2 Trustees, 2-3 information collectors and compilers for the smartphone app, and others to help the Board with their work, such as fundraising, membership liaison, website management and liaison with Parish Councils. It was a matter for every individual member to accept responsibility for over the next few months, and the hope was expressed that members between them could find suitable volunteers from within their circles of friends and supporters, if unable to offer assistance themselves.

A September Summit would be held at which success at raising volunteers would be measured and a debate held about  the way forward for the Association as a consequence. A subsequent EGM in October would confirm the structure and scope of the organisation for the year ahead.

7.4  Elections:

Chairman:  Adrian Gombault was unanimously elected.  Proposed by Ruthven Horne, seconded by Roy Hosmer.

Trustees:  Adrian Gombault, Ruthven Horne and David Wheeler were appointed Trustees to the new CIO by unanimous vote.  Proposed by Roy Hosmer, seconded by Hugh Illingworth.

7.5  A.O.B.  Ron Simpson voiced optimism about the future of NHW activity in Rutland, and outlined an alternative mode to the traditional NHW approach, which incorporated crime prevention into a wider community organisation, such as Uppingham enjoyed.

The meeting closed at approx.  9.30 p



on behalf of the Trustees of Rutland NHW Association

June 2021