Minutes of the Annual General Meeting 2019

uk Quetiapine cheap Washington, D.C. Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the Rutland Neighbourhood Watch Association.  Held in the Victoria Hall, Oakham, at 7.30pm on  8th July, 2019.

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The AGM was held after a Director’s Report and discussion regarding the current situation in Rutland and the Board’s plans regarding future strategy, given the continuing difficulty in attracting sufficient volunteers to meet the objectives contained in the current Mission Statement.

The Director’s report is attached to these minutes.


Board: Adrian Gombault (AG) Chair, Ruthven Horne (RH), David Wheeler (DW) Treasurer.

Members:  John Kennedy (Oakham, Braunston Road), Roy Hosmer and Peter Richey (Langham) and Michael Arnold (Stretton).

NB It was acknowledged that the numbers present fell short of the ten required for the meeting to be quorate. Nevertheless, it was felt that the voting should, if at all possible, stand, as the votes in all cases were unanimous and therefore would have constituted a majority, had the required quorum been present.

  1. AG welcomed members to the meeting. He acknowledged the absence of Jan Warren and expressed the Board’s extreme gratitude and appreciation for her outstanding work on the App.
  2. RH read out extracts from the 2018 AGM Minutes, which were unanimously approved. These Minutes had been available on the website all year.
  3. DW presented the Association’s Financial Report and Budgetary Options: a copy of the former is appended to these Minutes. The Association is wholly reliant on funding from RCC Crime & safety Partnership. However, this income is wholly dedicated to the maintenance of the App and website and is insufficient to meet the Association’s other expenses, causing a deficit in the Profit and Loss Account. With the receipt in the Autumn of the next RCC maintenance payment, the Association will be able to meet the costs associated with the maintenance of the App and remains solvent: however, funding from other sources will be required to meet these other expenses, and approaches will shortly be made to the Police & Crime Commissioner and to the Rutland Parish Councils.
  4. The Board proposed the conversion of the Association from Company to Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO), with associated changes to the Association’s Bank Account and removal of the Association from the Companies Register. The proposal was unanimously agreed.
  5. Adrian Gombault was re-elected and David Wheeler newly elected to the Board for the purposes of completing the conversion process. There were no nominations from the floor. The Chairman thanked John Kennedy and in particular Ruthven Horne, both of whom have stepped down from Board positions this year, for their services to the Board. Ruthven Horne had served as Chairman for four years and without his indefatigable efforts and deep commitment to the Association’s work and the development of the App, it was unlikely that the Association could have survived and achieved what it had to this point.
  6. The following were elected as Trustees of the new CIO: Adrian Gombault, David Wheeler and Ruthven Horne. There were no nominations from the floor.
  7. AOB: Peter Richey lamented the low turnout at the meeting and the manifestly declining support from Leicestershire Police. He nevertheless encouraged the new Trustees to continue their valuable work on the Association’s behalf. Roy Hosmer encouraged the Board to be ambitious in their funding approach to the Parish Councils, and opined that Councils would be keen to support an activity which manifestly served their own interests.
  8. The meeting closed at approx 9.30 pm.
  9. No date was set for future meetings.