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Local Crime Update – 7 days ending 22.4.19.

NB: Under the Data Protection Act, we are advised we should not usually identify, or provide information that can easily identify an individual. In such cases part information will be omitted e.g. an asterisk may be used in place of one letter of a suspect vehicle.

Oakham Beat.

Oakham – Criminal Damage West Road, between 5-6pm 19.4.19 (Fri), car tyres slashed.  Any information  tel 101 ref crime 19*198131.

Rutland North Beat.

GreethamVehicle crime, lay by on Great North Road overnight 17/18.4.19. Driver asleep, when HGV trailer curtain slashed, apparently to see contents.  Nothing stolen.

Ryhall Theft of vehicle overnight 19/20/4/19, from Coppice Road.  Stolen white Mercedes Sprinter 313 CDI, index KY64 NVV.  Please report any sightings to Police on tel 101.

Rutland South Beat.

Edith WestonTheft from the Rutland Water Golf Shop, Manton Road, between 1am-5am17.4.19 (Wed).  Security wire connecting batteries cut and 20 batteries for golf buggies stolen.  EV £3000.  (There was a similar theft in Nov 2018.)

Ketton – Criminal Damage in Wooton Close, between 10.4 and 8pm 17.4.19.  3 car tyres slashed, and in rear garden, 2 patio slabs damaged and 3 more damaged with oil.  If anyone saw persons behaving suspiciously in this area, please pass the info via tel 101 to PC 2113 Icke (crime ref 19*200447).

North Luffenham – Theft from motor vehicle, in Church Street, overnight 20/21.4.19 (Sat/Sun).  SatNav stolen.  A second car was ransacked nothing stolen.

North Luffenham – Theft from vehicle in Swann Close, overnight 20/21.4.19.  Stolen SatNav, red and black gloves,  and loose change  in door well.

North Luffenham – Theft from motor vehicle in Butt Lane, overnight 20/21.4.19.  Stolen from glove compartment a blue leather purse with name ‘Jack Wills’ printed in white. Contains bank card, driving licence and pass cards for Twin Lakes.  Bank card used in Peterborough.

It seems very likely the above three crimes were committed by the same offenders. If you live in North Luffenham and have CCTV please check for a vehicle containing two or three males cruising around the village.  If you have such information or saw anything suspicious, please contact PC 2113 Icke, quoting crime ref 19*202368.

Uppingham Beat.

Attention requested to an orange Ford Fusion style vehicle SH06 *ZD.  This vehicle frequents Rutland and driver involved numerous cases of making off without payment.  Latest 9.37am 15.4.19, Central Garage North Street Uppingham.  Any sightings please pass to Police on tel 101 quoting ref Crime 19*190952.

Uppingham – Criminal damage to window South View, about 7.40pm 17.4.19.  Believed a member of a group of youths seen nearby threw a stone through the window.

Russ Horne.

Suspicious Behaviour.

About 8.30pm, Thursday 18thApril, 2019, outside a farriers workshop off Main Street, Glaston, three men were seen loading scrap metal including horseshoes and curved metal sheets, from a skip into a very dirty and battered white truck bearing foreign number plates 9714 CVK.

When questioned they said they had permission from the farrier, enquiries showed this not to be the case.

Attention requested to this distinctive vehicle as it is suspected they will steal metal from any unattended location.  Please pass any sightings and activities by tel 101 to PC 2113 Peter Icke.

Info Russ Horne


Local Crime Update – 7 days ending 13.4.19.

Under the Data Protection Act, we are advised we should not usually identify, or provide information that can easily identify an individual. In such cases part information will be omitted eg an asterisk may be used in place of one letter of a suspect vehicle.

Oakham Beat.

Burglary non-dwelling, 4 men attempt to enter warehouse in Long Row, between 12.25am-1.15am 10.4.19 (Wed) no entry gained, nothing stolen.   Following vehicle containing at least 3 men, seen in suspicious circumstances on a number of occasions in days prior to offence, blue Audi estate index EN52 LP*.

Burglary dwelling, Irwell Close, between 9.45am-12 noon 8.4.19 (Mon), no signs forced entry.   Ladies jewellery: 6 gold rings, with various settings, including: solitaire diamond, square and oval amethyst, amber and opal, one silver Pandora hand consisting of daisies with three gold centres.

Drug dealing– this is believed to be occurring in the daytime at a variety of locations (residential) and areas such as pub Car Parks in Oakham.  Please be alert to individuals or premises being visited by a variety of vehicles. Do not expect to see transactions in all cases, but if you have any suspicions, please record a description (including any car index and address) of the ‘possible dealer’, and the number of any vehicles ‘visiting’.  Do not approach but pass info on your local Beat Officer PC 1312 Joe Lloyd.

Rutland North Beat.

Greetham – Attempted theft from motor lorry, Wood Lane, parked overnight 7/8.4. close to A1. Entry to vehicle gained and inside curtain cut.  Not know if anything stolen.

Hambleton – Two separate cases of theft from motor vehiclesparked together at beauty spot, Ketton Road, whilst drivers take dogs for a walk.  Offences about 1pm 8.4.19 (Mon).  Side windows smashed.  Stolen (1) sports bag containing ladies quilted navy coat, sports kit, earphones and toiletries.  Value over £300.  (2) Handbag and contents.  Following vehicle believed involved, seen to drive away at high speed Audi, index KB11 UO*.  If vehicle seen, do not approach but tel 101 for info of PC 1742 Appleton.  There have been numerous thefts from vehicles parked at the side of the road at beauty spots.  If this is a regular event for you, please take the minimum of property on your trip, do not leave anything in view.  Please be alert for young men loitering on foot or in a vehicle.  Take their car details.

Clipsham – Theft from vehicleparked overnight 8/9.4.19 in West Street.  Stolen, wallet and billfold.

Rutland South Beat.

Empingham – Burglary non-dwelling,Horn Lane, overnight 6/7.4.19 (Sat/Sun), roller shutter door to garage forced and property stolen. (1)  Red Honda Quad bike model TRX500FE, Index no FX12 KR*.  (2) Red Honda Quad bike, model TRX450SY*, index no W574 MT*.  (3)  Ifor Williams Trailer, model LM146G, serial no, 5137598.  (4) Stihl chainsaw model MS291/18, ser no 18067022*, (5) Stihl leaf blower mod no SH86, ser no 295230684*, (6) De Walt and Ah Li-ion combi drill (7) Logi ATV sprayer with boom and hand lance (8) Various hand tools (socket spanners, hand saw, hammer, staple gun and staples.

Morcott – Car park Redwings Motel, A47, overnight 8/9.4.19.  Vehicle left secure, found lock drilled out.  Stolen SDS drill and laser.  Involved 4 youth, faces covered, hoodies up, in dark coloured 5 door saloon.  Anyone with any information on youths or vehicle please contact PC 2113 Peter Icke on tel 101.

Glaston – Theft from secure vehicle, parked rear of Main Road, approx 100 yards west Wing Road, overnight 8/9.4.19.  Hole drilled in rear door and tools of trade to value £800-1000 stolen.  Includes: Bosch jigsaw and Bosch combi drill with battery and charger (both out of case), Makita hammer drill and Bosch electric hammer drill (both out of cases), Bosch multi cutter with accessory pack containing cutting blades in box, Makita mains disc cutter, 2 extension leads.

Caldecott – Burglary non-dwelling, overnight 8/9.4.19, business lock up, field, nearest road A6003, near Rockingham Road. Entry by cutting wire fencing allows access through hedge and across field.  Tools to value £10-15,000, because of volume, possible two vehicles involved.  Stolen: Rage chop saw, Stihl hedge trimmer and hand saw, Belle cement mixer, 3 transformer, 3xFourways log splitters, 2x 50m and 4 20m extension leads, One Einhell large air compressor (Euro 8/24), 3x red radiator heaters, 6 dual had halogen tripod lights,  2x Bosch impact drivers plus chargers for each, one large red hydraulic breaker and large ext lead, one Hilti circular saw in case with battery, one Makita circular saw in case, One 9” Makita grinder with selection of diamond blades in case, yellow and black Karcher pressure washer and lance, one large bucket of Bahco wood saws with sleeves, one large bucket of hole saws, Arbors, tile drill bits, one Disto laser tape measure, one Makita 4” angle grinder and charger, one De Walt combi drill and two batteries and one charger, 2x Makita impact drivers, 2x Makita large drill bit selection sets, one large bucket of assorted drill bits, one large Hilti hammer drill in red case with drill bits. Some serial numbers available.

If anyone saw anything suspicious, vehicles or people in fields opposite to the Castle Public House during material times, please tel 101 for contact with PC 2113 Icke.

Tickencote – 3 cases of theft of diesel from motor lorries parked Great North Road overnight (1) 2.30am 11.4.19, 4-500 litres, (2) and (3) overnight 11/12.4.19, 250 litres and 500 litres respectively.  (2) and (3) parked next to one another.

Uppingham Beat.

Criminal Damage – graffiti, black writing (no further info) sprayed on skate park Tods Piece, North Street East between 12night and 10am 6/7.4.19.

There has been a real increase in theft of work tools from vehicles (drilling the locks),garages, and lock ups overnight. There are no easy answers to this although an alarm may scare thieves off.  It is inconvenient, but don’t rely on others, you should try to protect your livelihood.

Thieves must have informationto work on so please be aware of youths loitering around your home or lockup.  Trust your gut feeling and record their car number.

One must be honest and say the chances of your tools being recovered are slim.  Many will be going to ready markets

These are prolific offenders and are probably from out of County (Lincs, Northants, Notts and Leicester), but they will eventually slip up and then your best chance of getting your property back is if you have submitted serial numbers to Police. 

Far too often, searches find lots of drills, saws, etc that cannot be identified, and unless they admit it is stolen, they get to keep them.  Please consider photographing the tool and serial number on your smartphone, so if stolen they can be easily passed to Police, and checked at online and car boot sales etc.


Russ Horne.



Local Crime Update – 7 days ending 5.4.19.

Local Crime Update – 7 days ending 5.4.19.

NB. Under the Data Protection Act, we are advised we should not usually identify, or provide information that can identify an individual. In such cases an asterisk may be used in place of one letter of a suspect vehicle.

Oakham Beat

Theft of £700 Ted Baker clothes from store High Street, between 3.45-3.55pm 1.4.19. Suspect, woman 23-24 yrs, 5’7”, pierced lip, bleached blonde hair.

Theft of flowers from graveside in Oakham Cemetery, Kilburn Road.  On two occasions, between 19-28.3.19,  flowers removed and thrown in waste bin.   This is extremely distressing; if you see anyone behaving strangely please report this together with their description (photo) to the local Police.

Rutland North Beat.

Whitwell theft of Combi trailer value £670, from Rutland Watersports Centre, Bull Brigg Lane; during the ‘off season’.  Used to transfer Topaz dinghy.  Chain securing dinghy cut and cover damaged beyond repair (value£110).

Stretton – attempt theft from lorry, parked Great North Road.  Driver awoken 3.30am 2.4.19 by noise (2 security seals cut).  Suspects: 3 males, two stocky build, 5’7” with tights over their head, third with vehicle.  Drove off in Vauxhall Combi off white Berlingo van index believed YK63 U*S.

Ashwell – theft of number plates, (AJ09 KRK) from vehicle parked Water Lane, between 5.30pm-10pm 4.4.19.

South Rutland Beat.

Empingham – theft of fuel from lorry parked Empingham Road, near A1, between 2-5am 26.3.19.  (Quantity not known.)

EmpinghamCriminal Damage to vehicle in Medical Centre car park.  5pm 2.4.19, following argument over parking, paintwork of vehicle found to have been scratched.

Ketton – Criminal Damage to vehicle in Wooton Close.  Following argument over a dog, paintwork of vehicle found to have been scratched (overnight 29/30.3.19).

Barrowden- two cases of theftfrom vehicles parked near 8 Arches Farm, Seaton Road, whilst owners walking dogs (date not noted).  Windows smashed.  Stolen: orange Prada handbag, various house and car keys (Golf) on pink feathered key ring.  Plus, Kipling wallet, Christian Dior sunglasses and driving licence in name KORS.

Ketton – theft of number plates (LP61 VXZ) from vehicle parked in Manor Green, overnight 3/ 4.4.19.

Ketton – theft of number plates (FG65 SZT) from vehicle parked outside Chater Lodge, High Street, between 1.35pm-3.50pm 3.4.19.

NB. Theft of number plates are very inconvenient, both at the time and later if/when used in crime. We are now averaging 3-4 of these crime per month.  Please consider obtaining security screws from local Police. Suggest contact PCSO 6516 Di Freeman Oakham Police (voicemail tel 101 followed by identity number 6516, leave message and contact details.) 

Uppingham Beat.

Uppingham, Criminal Damage, to farm gates, Stockerston Road (back onto B664), between 10.30m-10.50am 2.4.19, bolt croppers used to open gates.  Field contains sheep and farm machinery, both potential targets.

Theft of sheep and farm machinery is a serious problem and because of isolated locations difficult to spot. If you are out walking, please pay attention to probably 3 males with a vehicle/van loitering or acting suspiciously; genuine farm staff will often be working singly and be too busy to ‘loiter’.  Do not intervene.  If possible, record the index and pass this to both Police (on 101) and the local farmer if known, the latter have local comms between other farms and can pass it on quickly.

We are lucky in the area we live, but don’t be complacent, we must be observant and act to preserve what we have.  Do not make Rutland a ‘soft touch’ for thieves.


Russ Horne.