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Notes of AGM to RNHW

Report to AGM of RNHW July 2019




Notes of RNHWA AGM 13.6.18




Notes for RNHWA Board Meeting 7pm, 15.5.18.

Present: Adrian Gombault (AG) Chair; Sian Dawson (SD), John Kennedy (JK); Ruthven Horne (RH).

Apology: Alastair McCrindle (AM).

1. App and Website.

• Progress and Development.

o RH gave an update on the app and website.
o Users of the app were now about 1500, and thanks to the Anglian Water texts increasing about 8 per day. The website has complemented the app well and has proved very popular, with visits far exceeding expectations.
o The bulk of the work has been done by Jan; John has been trained to add Events.
o Current concerns relate to the effects of the new Data Protection Guidance, particularly on The Wall. Instructions are being changed to reflect restrictions on identification and photographs. This still needs fine tuning.
o The Police, wish to pay for and produce, a new app leaflet to be issued by Beat Officers in relation to Heritage Crime. Jan has produced a new version for their consideration. The only real concern was the wording on the rear to address Data Protection.
o After discussion it was decided the wording was too long and ‘off putting’. A better option was to record the wording re Data Protection on the app, with the Privacy Notices.
o Leaflet to be copied to everyone for views on wording. Replies please within 7 days.
o The leaflet was approved and it was requested that we obtain 5000 for use at Summer events, if possible starting 3.6, Rutland Show, 13.6, AGM, and 30.6. Ketton Cement Open Day.
o Action RH, speak Jan re timing and cost of printing for our copies, and circulate leaflet to board.

• Survey Report.

o Response very disappointing. Virtually no useful information received.
o It was confirmed all 100 Coordinators were circulated by E mail.

• Promotion Plan

o AG presented a Promotion Plan.
o The Plan was accepted. It was felt whilst digital promotion had been most effective we needed to cover all avenues.
o AG explained that Coordinators were in a good position to promote the app, and he would ask that they promote it at Village Fetes. New leaflets would help, if possible by early June.
o SD produced a portable NHW sign and a box of NHW ‘stickers’ from National Office. These were available for use at Summer events.
o Action RH and JK to speak to PC Joe Lloyd to ask him to recommend the app on his Text system (‘000’s followers).

2. Data Protection.

• RH had pre-circulated a document on the Guidance, plus a draft Communication to the board. The request is this be cascaded to Coordinators.

• SD said she had a sound knowledge of the Guidance as she worked with a colleague on preparing it.
• There was not quite the urgency suggested (25.5.18), and whilst there was a need to brief Coordinators, the purpose of the act was targeted at ‘direct marketing’: unsolicited mail, postal and e-mail spam. This guidance could wait until JK’s presentation at the AGM. Similarly, whilst Admin database did need to be accurate the updating could be gradually addressed.
• The security of the app and website (https://) had been confirmed by the designers, The App Office
• There was discussion about Data Protection generally and Identification in particular. It was agreed we should not permit the use of photos, car Reg Nos and anything that identified a suspect, unless released by the Police. This affected the Wall but it did not stop ‘General Warnings’ (user to user) such as ‘2 men driving white vehicle seen acting suspiciously’.
Action: RH liaise with Jan re implementation.
JK to prepare presentation for AGM, liaise with SD on content/wording, and then circulate to other board members.

3. Finance.

• The deadline for finding approximately £500 (app and web hosting fees for 2018/19) is 30.11.18 when next year’s rental becomes due.
• SD confirmed that she would have the Funding bid to the Big Lottery completed this weekend.
• She hoped to deal with expenses soon but was very busy at work.
• JK discussed progress of Anglian Water approach. Whilst they were currently supporting us in their promotions, financial help was rather more distant, depending on the progressive increase of users. We were more likely to get a speedy result from the Big Lottery.
• The move of RNHWA banking online has been protracted due to problems with HSBC.

4. Organisational Structure – Future Shape.

• Ketton Project.
o RH outlined a joint Police NHW project in Ketton and Tinwell – pre-circulated outline.
o A public survey of all dwellings (890) had been held and was about to be analysed.
o The next stage is a public meeting and then:
o Develop a NHW framework; Communications Network; Partnership working with County and Parish Councils, and recruiting of volunteers (most important).

• AG then updated the position re Clusters. Whilst it was considered the way forward for Coordinator Support, lack of volunteers had restricted expansion. This would be continued.

• Future Shape.
o AG spoke about the re-positioning of the Association, and the increasing problem of a lack of Coordinators and helpers.
o We envisage a range of different Watch styles, depending very much on the number of volunteers involved. They would probably range from the traditional like the one planned for Ketton, involving Alerts, Crime Prevention, ‘cocoons’, to a minimalist structure based around the Parish Council and their website displaying pertinent information.
He looked at revising the Mission Statement, perhaps to focus on Crime Prevention, although this did not really cover ‘Neighbourhood Security’ one of the National NHWN Aims. Were we any longer able to ‘unite the community of Rutland against Crime’ or was that simply unrealistic?
o Our emphasis was in any event changing to one of ‘liaison’, ‘representation,’ and an ‘enabling role’, with far more emphasis on Partnership with the various Parish Councils.
o We see this as a key development area. We had not in the past made a concerted effort to work with them, perhaps now we could and should; they had the attraction of permanency, a vested interest in the area, plus they had money to spend.
o Our Articles of Association had been checked against the Constitution of the Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland Executive; they were virtually identical. There was no conflict between the two so there was no hurry to wind them up as we were originally thinking.

5. AGM 13.6.18 7pm Oakham Council Chamber.

• The Agenda and style as presented by AG were quickly agreed:
o Access 6.30pm, Council Chamber, horseshoe shape of desks, with rows of chair behind; up to 40; open end near projector screen. Need projector, lectern and microphone.
Plus Director’s Report by RH and Finance Report by SD plus Minutes last meeting 14.6.17 (on overhead?) (40 copies of each).
Display of Crime Prevention items for sale by local Police.
o Drinks and biscuits not required as there is a drinks machine.
o Chair AG.
• Content agreed at:
o App and Website 15 mins RH;
– Latest developments,
– Appeal for volunteers to assist Jan;
– Promotional plans AG;.
o Data Protection Presentation JK 15 mins; (incl SD?)
o Organisation 15 mins RH/AG;
• AOB.
o Display of security items from Police.

No break then move into:

• Apologies.
• Minutes of 2017 AGM.
• Directors’ Reports (SD & RH)
• Re-election of Board.
• Funding: need for funds, plans for grant, appeal for local support.
• Revised Mission Statement.
• Revised Articles and Memorandum of Association.
• AOB.