Revised Mission Statement.



To promote the prevention of crime in Rutland

2.1 To foster and promote mutual help and support in the fight against crime by supporting a County-wide network of NHW groups and coordinators
2.2 To assist the police wherever possible to reduce the threat of criminal activity in Rutland.

3.1 Identify and seek to fill gaps in the County coverage of Neighbourhood Watch.
3.2 Seek to promote continuity and effectiveness of local NHW groups by establishing and supporting Cluster groups of watches across the County.
3.3 Develop and maintain an effective communications system for the provision of appropriate advice and information between the police, the Neighbourhood Watch movement and the general public. Specifically, develop and maintain the Rutland NHW smart phone app for these purposes.
3.4 Provide a means of liaison with Leicestershire Police, the Neighbourhood Watch movement and other appropriate agencies and organisations with an interest in fighting crime.
3.5 Identify and promote suitable materials and activities to counter the threat of criminal activity.
3.6 Offer advice, training and support on a needs basis to local coordinators.

4.1 Compile and maintain an accurate database of NHW groups and coordinators, which will identify gaps in County coverage, and seek to fill them.
4.2 Promote the formation of Cluster groups amongst NHW groups across the County, as a means of mutual support and cooperation at grass roots level
4.3 Provide a regular flow of appropriate information and advice primarily via the Rutland NHW smart phone app and web site, but also on occasions via emails and meetings
4.4 Promote the use of appropriate anti-criminal security measures and devices e.g. burglar alarms, locks, No Cold Caller stickers, property marking and registration etc.
4.5 Plan and implement a regular programme of suitable events and activities, including meetings with Leicestershire Police and an Annual General Meeting.
4.6 Maintain an elected Board of Directors to take responsibility for coordinating policy, strategy and organisation, which will meet regularly for this purpose.
4.7 Seek to maintain representation at appropriate external meetings to support the County’s security interests and keep in touch with latest developments affecting rural and urban security.