Ketton Project Blog

‘The Ketton Project is a blog of the actions and personal views of Russ Horne, the Acting Chairman of the RNHWA, during work to improve Community Safety in the Parishes of Ketton and Tinwell.  It is ‘work in progress’, and the ‘Project’ will be launched at 7.30pm, on Tuesday 8th May, 2018, at the Annual Ketton Parish Council meeting, which coincidentally will be attended by Lord Willy Bach, the Police and Crime Commissioner, and Simon Cole, Chief Constable of the Leicestershire Police.  I estimate my involvement with the Project will last until the Project Evaluation Report (approximately 18 months), after which the Project should be firmly in the hands of local Ketton and Tinwell residents.

I am a retired Police officer (Superintendent Met Police) and have been involved with the RNHWA for about 5 years as Chairman and Director.  I worked with Jan Warren to develop her idea of the Rutland smartphone app, and was recently accepted as a Leicestershire Police Community Volunteer in which capacity I will shortly work out of Oakham Police Station to try to improve the flow of Crime Alerts across the County for the RNHWA smartphone app, Rutland E-mail alerts, and this website.  I continue to be the Coordinator for Glaston Village Neighbourhood Watch Scheme.

The Purpose of the Blog is to:

(a) Outline practice to stimulate rural initiatives.
(b) Solicit Comments and views of ‘best practice’ to inform some of the issues highlighted;
(c) Generate interest amongst current Neighbourhood Watch members;
(d) Identify persons interested in ‘volunteering’ to assist RNHWA in some way; and
(e) Identify any persons interested in joining the Police Community Volunteers in Rutland.

If you have comments on any aspect of the Project, please direct them to and I will reply as soon as possible.  Please be patient with my blog style, this is the first I have ever done, but also there are only two volunteers, Jan and myself, we endeavour to deal with the app, website, and ‘other things’.  This is a slight exaggeration, as Jan does most of the work.